Past Projects


Design requirements for an office building vary greatly from those of a shopping center or retail store. One common thread is shared...they must function properly to fit the needs of the user. Whether we are asked to design a site plan and building, site-adopt a corporate prototype, or provide design and construction documents for a tenant improvement, a creative blend of design, economics and function are the key ingredients.


Understanding the Congregation\'s needs

Religious buildings require development of a program to satisfy multiple congregational needs. When working with a building committee, it is important to balance the wishes of each component.

Recent trends have included the integration of highly sophisticated audio/video equipment into the facilities. This not only affects the architectural planning and design, but the coordination of a/v with mechanical and electrical engineering.


Designing Enjoyable Living Space

Schuss Clark has designed a wide variety of single family tract houses, large custom homes, small in-fill apartments and large scale multi-family complexes, many consisting of hundreds of units. We have met the challenge of creating functional living quarters on difficult terrain requiring extensive working knowledge of civil engineering design. The styles have varied as widely as the personalities of our clients.

We have teamed with international design experts in the Resort and Time Share field to jointly create tineshare projects in the Southern California region. As executive Architect-of-Record, we conduct local and national code analysis and produce the Architectural and Engineering construction documents.


Schuss Clark Knows Restaurants

Food service design requires specialized architectural and engineering knowledge and experience. Thorough understanding of current building departments and Health Department Codes and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements is imperative.

Schuss Clark has produced design and construction document services for hundreds of fine dining, casual and quick serve projects in nearly 20 states. We have assisted several regional and national corporate clients to develop or upgrade prototype plans. Many restaurants are located into shopping centers or other existing spaces. Our experience in adopting new or prototype food service to these locations is extensive.


Providing Enjoyable Shopping Environments

Neighborhood shopping facilities are important components of our communities. Schuss Clark has designed several ground-up retail centers and tenant improvement spaces. The design scope is to provide a fresh and vibrant experience for the shopper in the context of the neighborhood.